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Mirriad announces major advertising deal with UMG, the world's largest record company.

Amati VCT portfolio company and UK tech start-up, Mirriad, has just announced a major advertising deal with Universal Music Group, the world's largest record company. The agreement will enable UMG to feature digital brand integration in select music videos by using Mirriads Academy Award-winning video technology. This will strengthen Mirriads position in the market for product placement advertising which was estimated to have been in excess of $8bn in 2012.

The deal will also see Havas Media become the first global agency to partner with Mirriad and UMG for strategic native in-video advertising from key clients including LVMH, LG and Coca-Cola. Music artists will benefit from a fresh source of revenue as they can integrate brands into videos after they have been produced. This is especially important in the environment we have currently where music videos are freely available to view online via hosting services such as YouTube and Vevo.